Beaumont Meteorologist Resigns From Station, Citing ‘Imbalanced Coverage’ of Recent Events

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Longtime KBMT meteorologist James Brown quit his job, without another one lined up, citing his “inability to be part of recent coverage” which he called imbalanced and lacking content.

Brown released a letter laying out his resignation from the Beaumont, Texas, station—in which he decried what he called “imbalanced coverage of racial tensions”—to

He also stated he believes recent coverage is adding hatred to emotionally charged stories. Brown believes only part of the stories are being told, but declined to elaborate, explaining, “I will not go into detail of my resigning, as not to get ‘caught up’ in this revolution or whatever you want to call it.”


Brown continued to tell management that he would not participate in “this is injustice to my beliefs as a Christian and proud American. … I still believe red, yellow, Black and white, we are precious in HIS sight.”