Bay Area Freelance Reporter Starts TikTok News Channel

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Former KTVU reporter Sara Zendehnam has left traditional San Fransisco TV news for a new reporting venture on TikTok. 

The name of the short-form news show is Basic B*tch News, and Zendehnam’s goal is to delivery the news in quick, digestible segments in a “fun and easy way,” she says.

“I know people don’t have time to watch the news or read articles all day, and that’s where I come in,” Zenhehnam says in her first video.


The former TV reporter, who now works in tech, has posted eight videos so far, six of which are segments focusing on news, politics and celebrity trends.

“I left news, but news didn’t leave me,” she said on Facebook of her new venture. “My new job in tech allows me to sleep at normal hours, so that means I have more time to get creative! I started creating content for TikTok and would love for you to check it out. I break down big headlines… but in my own way.”

Check out her intro video below.

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