Bangor Anchors Who Quit On Air Talk Life After Television: ‘We Knew It Would Be a Challenge’

By Merrill Knox 

The Bangor Daily News checks up on Tony Consiglio and Cindy Michaels eight months after their dramatic on-air resignation from WVII-WFVX. Although the pair still decline to elaborate on the circumstances leading up to their departure, Consiglio and Michaels talk about the current status of their respective careers:

Tony Consiglio is now writing for a new website,, a rare entry into the often frothy world of online sports journalism, he says, in that it is founded by two poets who care about quality writing.

Cindy Michaels has three jobs. The California native hosts shows for WFMX MIX 107.9 FM and WAVE-93.7 FM and sells vacation excursions through for Shark Diver, a San Diego company, she says. “When we left the company, we knew we did not have anything to go to, and we knew it would be a challenge,” Michaels said. “You somehow make it. I told myself, ‘I am a survivor. I will get through this.’”

[…] Consiglio and Michaels received several offers in the immediate wake of their resignations, but said they didn’t find them suitable. The economic shock of the move forced Michaels to sell items on eBay and take loans from friends and family. “I sold stuff down to like old bottles of perfume, just trying to make money. I had a garage sale at my house,” Michaels said. “I was writing. I was doing voiceover stuff.”

[h/t Jim Romenesko]