Austin’s Time Warner Cable News Includes Nude Photos in Traffic Tweet

By Mark Joyella 

kCZHBA8v_400x400Web managers, let’s go over this one more time, shall we? Check your links. If the photo you’re adding to your tweet includes nude men or perhaps a link to a porn site, delete and start over. For the second day in a row, somebody screwed up. Austin’s Time Warner Cable News sent out a tweet from the official @TWCNewsAustin account that included photos of nude men, according to media reporter Gary Dinges:

A Tweet sent at 5:19 p.m. said, “TRAFFIC: Your 5:12 p.m. update. Too many!” It also included four racy photos featuring four different men who were completely nude.

The post stayed up about 10 minutes before it was deleted.


A subsequent Tweet, sent at 5:21 p.m., said, “My Twitter account has been hacked.”

Reactions from @TWCNewsAustin followers were mixed. Several found the apparent hack humorous, while others expressed concern that the X-rated photos were allowed to remain up for an extended period of time.

The station has apologized via Twitter:

Just a day earlier, Memphis station WREG included a link to a porn site in a weather tweet.