At WGRZ, Ed Kilgore Passes Baton to Adam Benigni

By Andrew Gauthier 

Veteran WGRZ sportscaster Ed Kilgore has passed the baton to Adam Benigni, who took over Kilgore’s longtime spot on the NBC-affiliate’s 11 p.m. newscast this week.

“I’ve really had a great and long run at Channel 2, and that will continue a while longer,” Kilgore, 64, told The Buffalo News recently. “But I’m also ready for a change and doing some different things outside the station. I’ll still be sports director, and I’ll still be covering the Sabres and the Bills. In fact, I’ll be able to see more of the Sabres games.”


Kilgore is in his 38th year with WGRZ and Benigni is his handpicked replacement.  In 1997, Kilgore hired Benigni shortly after he graduated from Syracuse University.

“Adam and I are good friends,” Kilgore said. “He does a great job, we’ve had a great relationship the entire time and continue to have.”