Associated Press Lays Off Dozens

By Andrew Gauthier 

Associated Press

The Associated Press laid off an undisclosed number of news employees Tuesday as part of the cooperative’s yearlong plan to cut worldwide payroll expenses by 10 percent.

AP spokesman Paul Colford refused to specify how many jobs were eliminated Tuesday or in previous months from the news staff and other departments throughout the company. He said the not-for-profit organization intended to realize the targeted payroll savings by the end of the year. The AP still is looking to hire people in some positions, however.

Leaders of the News Media Guild, which represents about 1,300 AP employees in the U.S., said 38 Guild-covered reporters, editors and photographers had been fired as of Tuesday night. The Guild did not have a count for how many managers and workers outside the U.S. lost their jobs.

In addition to the newsroom layoffs happening Tuesday, an undisclosed number of union-represented technicians were cut earlier. More…