As His Show Debuts, Stossel Relishes Fox’s ‘Vibe’

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Miami Herald

Sure, John Stossel loves DDT and dwarf-tossing. And OK, he praised price-gouging after Hurricane Katrina and thinks the minimum wage should be cut to about two cents an hour. (If that leaves you short of rent money, don’t worry: Stossel is crusading for your right to sell your own kidney.) But none of that means he didn’t want to be loved. And now that he’s left ABC for the Fox News family, he finally is.

“People are nicer to me here,” Stossel muses. “People like me here. I get much a better vibe.”

Stossel — whose new Fox Business Network show “Stossel” debuts at 8 p.m. Thursday — spent 28 years at ABC, rising from a break-of-dawn consumer reporter to co-anchor of the prime-time news magazine 20/20. He got to produce four specials a year with such pugnacious titles as Stupid In America and Are We Scaring Ourselves To Death? He won a wallful of broadcast journalism awards.

But Stossel says he was “swimming upstream” against politically hostile currents every inch of the way — or at least, all the inches he traveled after deciding about two decades ago that Big Government and not Big Business was the biggest threat to American life, limb and liberty. More…