Arizona Anchor Shuts Down Pregnancy Shamer

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KPNX morning anchor Emma Jade isn’t going to stand for pregnancy shaming.

The Phoenix, Ariz., anchor retweeted a comment from a viewer named Janet who decided to weigh in on her outfits and personal choice to expand her family earlier this week.

“I see you’re pregnant AGAIN. I respectfully ask that you not wear the sprayed-on maternity clothes you did last time. It’s repulsive,” said Janet on Twitter.


The unnecessary comment got a lot of reaction from other anchors in the market.

Jade took it one step further and told Janet to stop following her.

“I respectfully ask that you don’t follow me. Bye.”

12 News host Kristen Keogh supported her co-worker.

“A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful and literally gives life … what could be repulsive about that in any outfit? Come on, Janet.”

Jade is 34 weeks pregnant.