Anchor’s Quick Move to Candidacy Raises Ethics Questions

By Andrew Gauthier 


It seems like just yesterday that Robyne Robinson, the new candidate for Minnesota lieutenant governor, was anchoring newscasts for Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Fox-affiliate. Oh, wait, that’s because it was yesterday.

In what has been a remarkably quick career transition, Robinson went from bidding farewell to KMSP on Wednesday to greeting a crowd of campaign supporters on Thursday. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza introduced his new running mate on Thursday, exclaiming via Twitter “It’s my distinct pleasure to announce Robyne Robinson as my choice for lieutenant governor!”


While many can marvel at Robinson’s ambition and drive, some Minnesota journalists are questioning the ethics of the move, considering that Robinson was still employed as a news anchor when it became evident that she would run for political office.

Neil Justin of the Star Tribune criticized KMSP for allowing Robinson to stay on after news broke of her potential role in Entenza’s campaign: “The minute she said openly that she’d think about it should have been the minute Fox officials thanked her for her service and showed her the door.” More…

While David Brauer of MinnPost puts the ethical onus on Robinson: “Someone with honor would’ve taken herself off the air (or loudly tried to) the moment she seriously considered an offer to become a politician.” More…