Anchor Takes ‘Incredible Heat’ for Old Timey Recording Reminder

By Kevin Eck 

WTNH anchor Keith Kountz took a trip in the way back machine this morning when he told viewers of the Hartford-New Haven ABC affiliate to set their VCRs so they wouldn’t miss tonight’s programming.

Then, to compound his time-warp ways, Kountz tried to clear it all up by saying he meant DVD. He was corrected by co-anchor Laura Hutchinson who told him, “DVR.”

“DVR?” Kuntz checked with Hutchinson on the proper machinery. “I’m taking incredible heat right here … from my friends here … who say I’m not with the times, which, clearly, I’m not. Clearly.”

TVSpy wanted to ask the good gentleman for comment, but we’re plum out of parchment and our scribe has the fortnight off. Happy Friday!