Anchor Drops the Hammer While Talking Trash About NBA Playoffs

By Kevin Eck 

Cleveland anchor Lynna Lai might want to leave the trash talking to the pros.

In a live talk between Gannett’s NBC affiliates in Cleveland (WKYC) and Atlanta (WXIA) stations, Lai started with a left jab by telling Atlanta anchors Vinnie Politan and Chesley McNeil. “Atlanta fans are awful.”

The two cities NBA teams are in a playoff series to decide who goes to the NBA Championship game.


Lai then threw the verbal straight right by asking, “What do you call an Atlanta Hawks player with a championship ring?” When Politan and McNeil didn’t know the answer, she told them, “A thief!”

Her co-anchor John Anderson tried bobbing and weaving away by saying “Hey guys? I don’t know her.”

Lai admitted she was awful at trash talking, but not before finishing with a devastating knee to the nether regions by dissing Georgia’s peaches, saying when she lived in Atlanta, the Georgia peaches were actually from California. Easy tiger.