Anchor Asks Public to Help Keep Man Who Raped Her Behind Bars

By Kevin Eck 

WBTV anchor Maureen O’Boyle has taken to social media to keep the man who raped her 30 years ago behind bars.

O’Boyle posted the plea to Facebook along with a link to her petition. On the website, she shares her story and asks for signatures to keep James Starling from being granted parole from prison.


“It’s not easy to share such a personal trauma,” wrote O’Boyle. “However, I am starting this petition to protect other women and young girls from a serial predator and convicted rapist. James Starling is up for parole and should not be let loose on society when there is no chance his deep-seeded criminal behavior has been cured or can be fixed.”

O’Boyle said she discovered Starling was up for parole in April after a Google search.

“My daughter, your daughters and granddaughters deserve to wake up every day knowing justice is being served because James Starling is serving his full sentence,” wrote O’Boyle.