An On-Air Meeting Has a Storybook Ending for Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin

By Merrill Knox 

ESPN anchor Lindsay Czarniak met her future husband while she was on the air at WRC — literally. When Craig Melvin, who was then an anchor at the NBC O&O, introduced her sports segment, the two had never talked. “I’ve never met you before,” she recalls saying during the newscast in the Washington Post. “Good to meet you!”

Melvin and Czarniak were married this weekend in Washington, DC, with former WRC colleagues Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Wendy Rieger and Dan Hellie in attendance. The Post reports that the pair’s respective career moves were perfectly timed:

Both knew when they got engaged that their contracts with NBC4 would be up in a few months. Each loved the station and felt like part of a family there, but they decided to move on to grow in their careers. In May, Czarniak got an offer to become an anchor for ESPN; a few weeks later, Melvin was hired by MSNBC.

They live in Westport, Conn., and commute about an hour a day (she to Bristol, Conn., and he to New York City). “It was very stressful because [working at NBC 4] wasn’t just a job, it was a lifestyle and a family for both of us,” she says. “But it’s been amazing. Because we are both in similar situations in different places, so that we can both support each other.”