Alycia Lane’s Civil Case Against Larry Mendte, CBS to Be Tried in Philadelphia

By Andrew Gauthier 

Despite the best efforts of CBS’s legal team, it appears that the trial of Alycia Lane’s civil suit against Larry Mendte and CBS will remain in Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Pennsylvania state supreme court has ruled that the trial will remain in the city where Lane worked alongside Mendte on the KYW anchor desk.  The ruling is a victory for Lane, whose legal team has been fighting to keep the trial in Philly while CBS has attempted to move the proceedings to New York, citing a clause in Lane’s contract that stipulates such a move.

“CBS wanted to prevent it from being tried in Philly,” Lane’s attorney Paul Rosen told the Daily News. “In New York, the public doesn’t know Alycia Lane. There are no claims under her contract which would permit the trial to be tried in New York. So the trial can be held in the city of her choice and where the harm was done to her.”