Alvin Greene’s Awkward Media Day

By Andrew Gauthier 


In an election notable for big stories–a polygraph duel as well as wins from two high-profile former CEOs— the biggest story has been Alvin Greene, the surprise winner of the Democratic senate primary in South Carolina. As most know by now, Greene is an unemployed veteran facing felony charges who won the Democratic primary despite having little in the way of a campaign.

Greene has become a national curiosity and Thursday was his de facto media day as he participated in interviews with MSNBC and Fox News, among others. The resulting conversations were awkward, to say the least.


On MSNBC, Greene was interviewed by Keith Olbermann via satellite and Mediate wrote that “Olbermann treated Greene like one would interview a child that won a contest to be on the TV.” More…

Earlier, on Fox News, anchor Shepard Smith conducted a phone interview with Greene and pressed him on the allegations that he may be a Republican plant. Smith repeatedly asked Greene if someone was in the room with him and wondered if Greene’s talking points were his own. Brian Stelter, media critic for The New York Times, called it “the most awkward interview on cable news in ages.” More…