Alison Parker and Adam Ward Died From Multiple Gunshot Wounds

By Chris Ariens 

We know this, because we all saw it. But this morning, the medical examiner’s office in Roanoke, Va. confirmed that Alison Parker and Adam Ward died from multiple gunshot wounds. Parker’s official cause of death was gunshot wounds to the head and chest, while Ward’s cause of death is listed as gunshot wounds to the head and torso.

Officials did not specify how many times the two were shot during Wednesday morning’s attack which occurred as Parker and Ward were interviewing a local Chamber of Commerce representative live on WDBJ’s morning show.

At a news conference yesterday, WDBJ news director Kelly Zuber described those final moments. “From the video that aired on our morning show we saw Adam go down and we heard a scream. So there’s some indication that at the very last moment Alison recognized what was going on, and Adam probably did not because his back was turned to the shooter. I think they had very little notice and were not even aware,” Zuber said.

The deaths were ruled a homicide. The killer, failed local news reporter Vester Flanagan, killed himself as law enforcement closed in.