After Two Years, Omaha Reporter Leaves Station

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

After two years, WOWT reporter Lileana Pearson is leaving the Omaha, Neb. station.

And it’s unclear what’s next for her.

Pearson announced her departure from WOWT Thursday, which was also her second anniversary at the station.


“BREAKING NEWS: Today is my 2 year & last day with WOWT. Working in the Midwest has been an honor and I can’t thank our viewers enough for welcoming me to tell their stories of triumph and sorrow. I have a big weekend of moving. Stick with me and I’ll let you know where I land,” she wrote.

Pearson came to Omaha by way of Kentucky, where she is originally from.

She is a graduate of Syracuse University and hasn’t said where she’ll go next.