After Party At Home Of Sandusky’s Lawyer, NBC’s Jay Gray ‘Pleaded’ With Police Over Blood Alcohol Test

By Merrill Knox 

Last month, NBC News reporter Jay Gray was arrested for DUI after a party at the home of Joe Amandola, Jerry Sandusky’s attorney. Gray — who frequently reports on NBC’s affiliates — reportedly attended the party because Amandola is shopping a Sandusky interview around to the major networks. Since the arrest, the official affidavit has been filed in the case. Deadspin has details, in the words of the arresting officer:

I approached the passenger side door and immediately smelled the strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his car. He related that he is a news reporter for NBC News and had just met with attorney Joe AMENDOLA about the Jerry SANDUSKY case. His eyes were glassy. I asked how much alcohol he had consumed and he told me initially, “Two beers.” He related that one was an Otto’s Red something. His speech was slurred and he juxtaposed the letters in a few words.

[…] I continued to smell the strong odor of alcoholic beverages upon his breath as I administered SFST. I arrested him and took him to Mount Nittany Medical Center for a blood test. He pleaded with me initially not to do it this way. BAC results received on 12/13/11 showed a .182% BAC.