After a Tree Destroyed His House, Columbus Anchor Pete Scalia and His Family Head Home

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

It’s a bittersweet homecoming for WBNS anchor Pete Scalia in Columbus, Ohio.

This week he and his family went back home for the first time since a severe storm sent a tree into his house.

It happened on July 2 as Scalia was getting ready for his early bedtime.


His wife was putting their baby and two daughters to sleep when they heard a huge gust of wind. The next thing they knew was a large oak tree came crashing through the roof. Then seconds later a large branch came down.
“That was the last time the kids were actually inside the house,” Pete remembers in a story on the station’s website.

For the past six month, the family of five has lived in two conjoining hotel rooms in Downtown Columbus. While it wasn’t ideal, he said his kids thought it was an adventure.

But after six months, the family is back and he shared the homecoming on his Facebook page.

“It’s good to be back,” he said.

You can watch the reveal below.