Abilene Market Had Highest Percentage of Trump Voters

By Kevin Eck 

Nearly 80 percent of the people in DMA 165/Abilene, Texas voted for Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States, according to a survey released by Echelon Insights.

The market with the lowest number of Trump voters was the nation’s sixth largest market, the San Francisco Bay Area, which saw 18.56 percent vote for Trump and 74.63 for Clinton.

Lest one were to think Trump scored big in all of Texas, the Laredo (184), El Paso (92) and Harlingen, Texas (84) markets also scored big for Clinton with a 73.89 (Laredo), 65.17 (El Paso) and 67.62 (Harlingen).

Here are the top five markets for Trump:

Abilene-Sweetwater, Texas (165)/86,559/18,578/79.13%/16.98%
Amarillo, Texas (131)(/136,262/31,151/77.54%/17.73%
North Platte, Neb. (209)/13,165/2,989/77.35%/17.56%
Glendive, Mt. (210)/3,876/887/77.21%/17.67%
Tri-Cities, Tn-Va (98)/240,126/62,656/76.54%/19.97%
Sherman-Ada, Texas-Okla. (162)/93,976/26,382/75.05%/21.07%

Here’s a map of markets and how they voted.
DMA Map.png