A Tropical Storm and an Earthquake: Southern California Stations Cover Two Natural Events in One Day

By Kevin Eck 

While keeping viewers updated on the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Hilary, Southern California stations had to pivot to another natural event after an earthquake hit Ventura County, Calif., to the north.

A 5.1 earthquake was measured at 2:45 p.m., centered roughly four miles southeast of Ojai in Ventura County according to the U.S. Geological Survey. While 5.1 to a Californian isn’t enough to cause major damage, it is enough to remind you that you live near active faults that are capable of more.

The quake could be felt across a wide swath of Southern California including the San Fernando Valley, downtown L.A., Long Beach and Orange County.


KCAL anchors Pat Harvey and Juan Fernandez said they felt it in the studio during tropical storm updates.

Southern California stations are going wall-to-wall covering Hilary, which brings with it “the potential for rare and dangerous flooding impacts from heavy rainfall across portions of the Southwestern U.S. this weekend,” according to the National Hurricane Center. The center, established in 1956, has never issued a Tropical Storm Watch for the west coast since it was formed.