A New TVSpy Baby

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Like many women in media that I write about, I too juggle work and a family life. And I’ve been lucky.

After working in a newsroom for 13 years, I started a business and started writing for TVSpy. These jobs have given me the autonomy to work, raise my daughter, take her to play dates and cook dinner at night for my family.

But alas, time has come for me to slow down for a bit. I gave birth to my second child earlier this month. I will be logging off for a couple of weeks to nurse and nap 24/7. Kidding! Sort of…


In the meantime, loyal TVSpy readers will see the return of a familiar byline. My friend and TVSpy’s former editor Kevin Eck has been filling in for me. He’s dusting off his computer and brushing up on his local news knowledge to do me a solid. I appreciate it!

Enjoy his rich snark while I’m off 🙂