2017 Hairry’s Honor Local Newsmen With The Best Hair

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The Hairry winners are in.

The top spot goes to KELO anchor-reporter, Brady Mallory.

The website, Get Good Head, ranks the newsmen with the best hair in 50 markets.  And this year’s local newsman competition is no sexier (or sillier) than year’s past.


“It’s the most prestigious award in local news,” according to the site. “For local journalists wanting job security for life, a substantial raise, or a move to the national stage, a HAIRRY-Award is now a must-have. No news director in their right mind would hire on-air talent who did not have a HAIRRY.”

The competition selects the newsman with the best hair and a runner up.  The criteria for choosing the winners include:

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, their head shape, their face, etc)
  • little to no receding hairline

The site says “we did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”

NBC4 reporter, Mark Taylor, took second place and WPIX morning anchor, Dan Mannarino, rounded out third.

You can see the full list here.