15 WCCO Digital and Streaming Producers Vote to Unionize

By Kevin Eck 

Digital and streaming producers, along with assignment editors at Minneapolis CBS owned station WCCO, have voted unanimously to join SAG-AFTRA.

The 15 employees started the talks with the union in January 2019. On-air WCCO employees and newsroom producers are already members.

“These digital producers and assignment desk editors have sent a strong message about the power of community and solidarity,” said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director. “Their unanimous vote to join their colleagues at the station reinforces their commitment to their colleagues and to the craft of journalism.


“On behalf of the Twin Cities Local Board, I congratulate the WCCO digital and streaming team and assignment desk editors, on their victory,” said SAG-AFTRA Twin Cities Local president Peter Moore. “Their victory is proof of the value and necessity of union membership and the power of solidarity. We are thrilled to welcome our newest brothers and sisters.”

WCCO declined to comment.