Young Viewers Like bin Laden On CNN

By Brian 

After seeing this ratings post, a competitor asks: “Why not give bin Laden his own show on CNN?”

This e-mailer makes a good point: “Whether or not Ms. Amanpour is your cup of tea, it is heartening to see that two million people actually watched a ‘serious’ news documentary for two hours. Amazing given our attention span, also considering it was not ‘Girls Behind Bars’ but something you actually had to sit and watch and pay attention to.”

And an insider says what’s really interesting about the CNN ratings are the 12-34 numbers: “A .35 is enormous for cable news. I would be willing to bet that is the highest 12-34 numbers for any cable news outlet this year.” (Update: 12:35am: FNC says it has had programs with higher #’s in that demo this year.) In the standard 18-34 demo, the net averaged 233,000 viewers from 9 to 11 — compared to 55,000 at 8pm…