You Can’t Cruise With Bill O’Reilly

By Brian 

“A cruise featuring Fox News star Bill O’Reilly that had been shilled on the conservative pundit’s popular cable show has been cancelled due to a lack of interest,” the NY Daily News sums up this morning.

“It had all of the ingredients for a re-make of ‘The Poseidon Adventure,'” Keith Olbermann joked on Tuesday’s Countdown. “But tonight, the ‘Battle For American Values’ Caribbean Cruise — eight days adrift with O’Reilly around the Caymans this November — is sunk. Cancelled due to a lack of idiots, uh, interest.”

Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O’ called the phone number in an ad promoting the cruise, and heard: “Unfortunately, the cruise did not have the participation that all parties anticipated. Although the guest appearance by Mr. O’Reilly and the other speakers have been canceled, the ship will still sail…” Media Matters has more.

> April 20: O’Reilly said: “If those lectures happen on the ship, there is one rule, however. No throwing me overboard. That would be ridiculous. I am taking a risk here if I get on a ship!”