Wright Needs “Super-President” For NBC News

By Brian 

This tipster thinks names like Susan Lyne and Patricia Fili-Krushel (see below) make no sense for an NBC news czar.

“Clear away the static from the Newsweek story and the picture becomes very clear,” the tipster weighs in. “A little background first: On the NBCU org chart, everybody reports to Jeff Zucker. Zucker tried to push Neal Shapiro out and it didn’t work. But Bob Wright wants someone who can oversee all news operations as something like a super president, look for those hard-to-find synergies and build a foundation for some ratings stability that NBC has but CNBC and MSNBC have yet to achieve.

The tipser continues: “But to make it work, he’ll need to bring in someone and the three names mentioned are not the right ones who can bring the three presidents — Shapiro, Rick Kaplan and Mark Hoffman — to the table and to tear down the walls around each organization. It needs to be someone who can lead and get out of the way, but leave it clear who is in charge. Remember the Dick Ebersol rumor a few months back? Look for it to return. The other names make no sense whatsoever.”