Worried About Our World…

By Brian 

I, for one, agree completely with Brian Williams:

> Oct. 10: “Would anyone blame any sane person for wondering about our world right now? The news out of Asia is staggering and the numbers have grown exponentially over the weekend…” (Blog headline: “Shaking our confidence”)

> Oct. 7:What a time we are living in. As I write this, three cable news channels have broken away from the New York subway story to show live pictures of the evacuation of the Washington monument due to a threat.” (Headline: “The Year of Living Dangerously”)

> Sept. 30: “I must say as we went through the roll call of stories for tonight’s newscast…it gave everyone in the room a reason to worry about our world: the fires out West, the mold in the flood zone, the confusion and lack of immediate aid in the storm zone, the threat of the bird flu… it goes on.” (Headline: “Plenty of reasons to worry”)