World News Tonight

By Brian 

ABC News President David Westin sent the following email to his ABC colleagues today:

“Last week was an emotional week for all of us. The tributes celebrating Peter’s life and career have served to remind each and every one of us of the powerful legacy he leaves behind.

This evening you will notice an important change in WNT. After consulting with Kayce and the family, we concluded that leaving the broadcast’s title as it was through last Friday was an appropriate tribute to Peter. But, of all people, Peter insisted on accuracy. As much as we would have it otherwise, from now on ‘World News Tonight with Peter Jennings’ will be known as ‘World News Tonight.’

Let me be clear: the unrelenting standards, the demanding focus on broadcasting the news from around the world, and an unwavering commitment to fairness that were the hallmarks of Peter’s career remain the core values of ‘World News Tonight.’

For all of us who had the honor and privilege of working with him, I know we will always do our jobs with Peter Jennings firmly in mind.”