Woodruff/Vogt: Summary

By Brian 

Woodruff, Vogt Back In The U.S.

Woodruff & Vogt: Ticker #7

Woodruff & Vogt: Paying The Medical Bills

ABC To Announce “Interim Plans” For World News Tonight “In The Coming Days”

Woodruff & Vogt: Ticker #6

Woodruff Could Anchor Again Someday, Doctor Says; “He Has A Very Good Chance”

Woodruff: Broken Ribs, Shoulder & Skull Fracture, Facial Wounds

Woodruff Still “Heavily Sedated,” & “It Will Likely Be Some Time Before We Have A Complete Sense Of His Injuries”

Woodruff & Vogt: “Long Road Ahead”

Woodruff’s Brother Says: “We Think He’s Going To Recover Eventually”

Explaining All The Woodruff Coverage

Peter Is Watching Over Them

Woodruff & Vogt: Ticker #5

Woodruff & Vogt: “Signs Of Improvement,” But “We Have A Long Way To Go”

Woodruff & Vogt: “Very Seriously Injured”

“Am I Alive?”

Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Ticker #4

Woodruff Injured: “An Extended Leave Could Also Upend ABC News…”

Bob Woodruff “Wanted To Get Out There & Report The Story”

Woodruff & Vogt Balanced Risks “With The Need To Report The Story” –Vargas

Doug Vogt: More Biographical Information

Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Ticker #3

Iraq: Why The Journo Death Tolls Differ

“All Hands On Deck” At ABC News

Woodruff, Vogt Will Be Flown To Landstuhl, Germany “In The Next Few Hours”

Comments From Williams, Capus, Schieffer

Woodruff, Vogt Out Of Surgery; In Stable Condition; “Next Few Days Will Be Critical”

Woodruff’s Goal Was “To Be The Best Damn Foreign Correspondent I Could Be”

Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Transcript Of Raddatz’s Report On ‘This Week’

Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Ticker #2

Iraq: Incredibly Dangerous For Journalists

ABC Cameraman Doug Vogt: Biography

WNT Co-Anchor Bob Woodruff, Cameraman Doug Vogt Seriously Injured By IED In Iraq

Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Ticker

Iraq: Statement From ABC News

Iraq: Message To ABC News Staffers

Bob Woodruff: In Iraq Since Friday; Was Supposed To Co-Anchor State of the Union

Bob Woodruff: Frequent Flyer