Woodruff’s Return: Waking Up At Disney World To A Call From David Westin

By Brian 

Tuesday on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Lee Woodruff talked at length about her husband’s injuries for the first time.

Here’s the AP story. Also, Oprah.com has a full write-up:

  The day Bob was struck by a roadside bomb, his wife and four children were 7,000 miles away, vacationing at Disney World.

‘The phone rang, and I was sure that [it was my wake-up call],’ she says. ‘[But] it was David Westin, the president of ABC News. He said, ‘Lee, Bob’s been wounded. We believe he’s taken shrapnel to the brain.”

At that moment, Lee says her world stopped. ‘Here I was in this beautiful room, and we were going to go to the Epcot Center that day,’ she says. ‘My brain just began shuffling everything. It was one of those truly out-of-body moments.’