Woodruff’s Return: Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Adam Buckman, New York Post: “After learning the details of what happened to him, it is almost inconceivable that Bob Woodruff is alive, much less in good enough shape to address a roomful of reporters…”

> Howard Kurtz, Washington Post: “Woodruff’s reporting packs an emotional punch because he is, quite simply, a man who cheated death. Never before had an anchor for an American broadcast network been injured in war…”

> Matea Gold, Los Angeles Times: “A year later, it’s difficult to believe he’s the same man whose skull was flattened on one side… On Monday, he easily rattled off statistics about the number of Americans who suffer from traumatic brain injuries and showed flashes of his impish humor, asking one reporter if he wanted to touch his fake skull…”

> Alessandra Stanley, New York Times: “The earliest images of Mr. Woodruff on a hospital bed, filmed with a home video camera by family members, are alarming: he lies in the intensive care unit at Bethesda with the left side of his skull bashed in like a dented car…”

> Marisa Guthrie, New York Daily News: Lee Woodruff‘s “struggle — interspersed with memories of their courtship in New York and early years in China — drives much of their 288-page memoir…”

> Verne Gay, Newsday: “There has never been a news conference quite like yesterday’s nor a documentary quite like tonight’s…”