Woodruff & Vogt Injured In Iraq: Ticker #2

By Brian 

Keep your thoughts and prayers with Bob Woodruff, Doug Vogt, and their families.

> 12:04pm: Variety: “His wife is best friends with the widow of the late David BloomA, the NBC correspondent who died during the initial invasion of Iraq.” (Here’s a NYDN story from that time.)

> 12:02pm: CBS’s Lara Logan told the AP that the Taji area is considered particularly dangerous because it was the site of one of Saddam Hussein’s munitions dumps. “I admire Bob for going with the Iraqis,” she said. “It’s important to hear their story and to experience it from their point of view. He did the right thing.”

> 11:04am: “Bob Schieffer began Face The Nation with a brief report (under one minute) on the Woodruff and Vogt story,” an e-mailer notes. “He was in the CBS News Washington bureau, not the Face The Nation set. When we finished his report, Schieffer was shown standing in front of the White House, obviously taped, doing his usual introduction and then the open played.”

> 10:23am: AP: “The U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad confirmed that the ABC News team was involved in an attack but declined to provide further details to The Associated Press. An official military statement was expected to be issued later Sunday.”

> 10:04am:Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources: “Woodruff is a guy who loves to travels to hot spots, doesn’t worry much about the danger, in fact that’s why he got into the business.”

> 9:51am: “Both men suffered head injuries. Woodruff sustained shrapnel wounds and Vogt was hit by shrapnel in the head and suffered a broken shoulder,” ABCNews.com reports.

> 9:36am: Woodruff and Vogt were traveling with a producer and soundperson, ABC said. They were not injured. There were no other injuries in the attack.

> Here is ABCNews.com’s story.

> Woodruff last reported from Baghdad in February/March 2004. During the March 2003 invasion, Woodruff reported from the front lines as an embedded journalist with the First Marine Division, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. He also filed reports from Baghdad in April 2002.