Woodruff & Vogt Balanced Risks “With The Need To Report The Story” –Vargas

By Brian 

> Update: 11:50pm: “Vargas’ closing note was a tearful one,” an e-mailer adds. “She really did look as if she was going to burst into tears.”

Elizabeth Vargas‘ closing note at the end of Sunday’s WNT:

“Finally tonight, another note about my co-anchor and good friends Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt — two of the very best in this business. Bob and Doug were in Iraq doing what reporters do, trying to find out what’s happening there up-close and first-hand. All of us are mindful of the risks and the dangers.

Bob and Doug always take care to balance those risks with the need to report the story. We are all very concerned about our friends tonight and their wives, and their children.

And we are reminded once again in a very personal way, of what so many families of American servicemen and women endure so often, when they receive news of their loved one being hurt. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families as well.”