Woodruff: Broken Ribs, Shoulder & Skull Fracture, Facial Wounds

By Brian 

Bob Woodruff’s brother David Woodruff appeared on Good Morning America today. Here are some of the comments:

  Woodruff: We got a lot of great news this morning. He’s improved markedly over the night, he looks much better than he looked the day before. The doctors came in and briefed us this morning and said, you know, his signs are great, probably as good as can be expected at this stage and he was good to go.

Sawyer noted that Bob is “still heavily sedated, so no one has any sense of what it will be like when he finally emerges.”

 Sawyer: Members of the family have talked about broken ribs and shoulder and skull fracture. Are there [facial] wounds as well?

Woodruff: Yeah, you know it’s tough to look at. He definitely has some facial wounds, but they’re pretty much on one side of his face. It looks like kind of a burn that you might get from being hit with some sand, that kind of thing. I think those things frankly for us are minor compared to just making sure he’s going to return from the injury to his head. There are those things but I don’t think they’re major.

Sawyer: The swelling that concerned members of the family that you talked about, what’s news on the front? The swelling on the brain?

Woodruff: Right now that seems to be perfectly in order. They said the brain pressure is normal and has frankly been almost the entire time he’s been here. So I think that’s again part of this whole package of positive news we got this morning from the neurosurgeons at Landstuhl.