Without a Net…Unless You Count NBC

By Chris Ariens 

Before the nominees for president take part in their final high wire act tonight, a seventh generation Wallenda walked, then biked a cable set 135 feet above Newark, New Jersey — and the Today show was there for it all. By completing the feat, without a net, 29-year-old Nik Wallenda set a Guinness World Record.

And because it was a two-part stunt, the Today show was able to squeeze in a commercial break between the walk and the bike ride — true TV showmanship. [Guess you have to pay for that insurance rider somehow.]

As Wallenda completed the stunt, he jumped from his perch, and right into the arms of waiting NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders. “It was a little bit nerve wracking at the end there,” said Wallenda.

Next stop: Grand Canyon. Wallenda’s already got the permits. And you can bet Today show producers are starting their planning, too.