With Sanders In, Democrats Sanction MSNBC Debate

By Mark Joyella 

With the Democratic National Committee’s decision today to sanction this week’s Democratic presidential debate on MSNBC, the stage is set for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to face off for the first time since Iowa–and the last time before Democrats vote in the New Hampshire primary.

The debate, sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader and to be moderated by Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd, was announced without the participation of the DNC, and Sanders had hesitated to agree to participate, as it would violate the party’s rules.

In an interview on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Sen. Sanders agreed to appear in the debate. “I have always wanted more debates,” Sanders said, noting that the Clinton campaign has only recently seemed eager to add debates to the schedule. “They’re getting nervous. Now they want more debates, that’s fine. I love debates.”


With Sanders agreeing to appear Thursday night, a spokesperson for the DNC said the party would have no objections.

Both Clinton and Sanders are also set to appear Wednesday night at a CNN Democratic town hall, to be moderated by Anderson Cooper.