With Snyderman Sidelined, NBC News Brings on New Medical Contributor

By Chris Ariens 

NatalieAzarAs NBC’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman continues to be off the air following a breach of her Ebola quarantine last month, NBC News has brought on Dr. Natalie Azar as a medical contributor. Dr. Azar was on “Nightly News” last week and on the “Today” show this morning.

Dr. Azar, a rheumatologist and clinical instructor at NYU Langone Medical Center, has been a contributor to WNYW and was most recently on the FOX New York station Oct. 29.

Page Six has an item today about NBC News executives who are reportedly divided on how to handle Dr. Snyderman’s return.

Sources tell us NBC has to decide if her credibility is too damaged for her to continue reporting on medical issues.