With Conventions Over, Things Are Just Getting Going for George Stephanopoulos

By Chris Ariens 

More than a hundred on-air TV newsers and over a thousand support staff have been working non-stop for the last two weeks covering back-to-back political conventions, hosting morning shows and prime time shows, anchoring special reports, and sitting down (or standing up) for newsmakers interviews.

The day before the RNC got underway in Cleveland we asked ABC’s George Stephanopoulos how he was preparing for the 14-day political slog, which really just represents the beginning of general election.

“Part of it is that it’s exciting here, so that helps,” he said, adding that these multi-day, multi-platform road trips have to be a team effort: “We’ll just make it work the way we always do.”

Here’s a snapshot of the last 14 days for ABC’s chief anchor:

Saturday, July 16: Anchors ABC special report on Trump VP pick from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland site of the RNC.
Sunday, July 17: Anchors This Week from The Q, and anchors three special reports on shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge.
Monday-Thursday, July 18-21: Anchors GMA from Cleveland. Anchors ABC’s prime time coverage. Interviews include Eric Trump, and Donald Trump (which we reported on in a story about World News Tonight with David Muir.)
Friday, July 22: After prime time coverage, flies to New York. Lands around 2:30 a.m. Friday. Sleeps. Arrives at GMA studio at 5 a.m. to anchor GMA.
Saturday, July 23: Anchors ABC special report from New York on Hillary Clinton VP pick. Travels to Philadelphia.
Sunday, July 24: Anchors This Week from Wells Fargo Center site of the DNC.
Monday-Thursday, July 25-28: Anchors GMA from Philadelphia. Anchors ABC’s prime time coverage. Interviews include Vice President Joe Biden.
Friday, July 29: After prime time coverage makes the 2-hour drive from from Philadelphia to New York. Sleeps. Arrives at Times Square Studio around 5 a.m., anchors GMA.
This morning: Flies to Colorado Springs for Donald Trump interview, returns tonight.
Sunday, July 31: Anchors This Week from New York, including interviews with Biden on Trump.