Wisconsin Lawmaker goes on GMA from ‘A location we cannot disclose’

By Chris Ariens 

Wisconsin State Sen. Mark Miller (D) is one of 14 democratic lawmakers who have fled the state under threat of being brought back to the capitol by the Wisconsin State Patrol to vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker‘s budget, which they vehemently oppose. On “Good Morning America” George Stephanopoulos said, “We know where you are Senator, what can you tell our audience about where you are?”

Miller and his colleagues areĀ  most likely in or near Rockford, IL which is the closest out-of-state TV market to Madison. In fact, Rockford TV stations talked with some of the lawmakers yesterday.

State Sen. Spencer Coogs told Rockford’s FOX39 news, “We’re getting calls from all over the country, ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘The Chris Matthews Show’ and other places want to talk to us. They want to know what is happening in Wisconsin.” Ed Schultz, who has a home on the other side of the Wisconsin state line, in Minnesota, and is about as pro-Union as you can get, took his MSNBC show to the capitol last night and continues to report from there today.

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