Wilmore to Sharpton: ‘You’re Not Black Batman’

By Chris Ariens 

Larry Wilmore made his debut as a Comedy Central host last night.

“I feel like there’s so much to talk about. Especially if I had the show a year ago! All of the good bad race stuff happened already!” said Wilmore, whose “Nightly Show” comes on after “The Daily Show” following Stephen Colbert‘s move to CBS.

Wilmore devoted the first part of his first show, coming on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to the state of the black protest. But he started with a few shots at MSNBC host Al Sharpton and Sharpton’s latest cause: the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees.


Reverend Al Sharpton called for an emergency meeting here in Hollywood next week to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards. Sharpton? Again? No one else can represent us? Look, Al, slow down. You don’t have to respond to every black emergency. You’re not black batman or our racial fire chief.