Will Tony Kornheiser Write For Grantland.com?

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Could we see the return of Tony Kornheiser as a writer instead of just a yodeler?

Bill Simmons hinted Tuesday on The B.S. Report that he’s recruiting the Pardon the Interruption co-host for his new website project, Grantland.com:

“With less than two minutes to go in the podcast, the discussion turned toward Simmons’ new website and how he was enlisting [Mike] Lupica’s help in getting author and famed Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman (The Princess Bride) to hop on board.


“I think we got [Goldman] almost there,” said Lupica, the power broker. That’s when Simmons dropped the name of another noted writer, one who now yodels for a living, that he has also been recruiting.

[Goldman] and [Tony] Kornheiser are both so terrified to stare at that blank Microsoft Word Document,” Simmons said. “Once you get out of that habit, they’re so afraid to go back.”

Say what now? Former Washington Post sports columnist Tony Kornheiser, now the co-host of Pardon the Interruption and host of his own D.C. area radio show might go back to being an ink stained – or in the computer age, a carpal tunneled wretch? OK, we’re listening…

After talking about what the writer of ‘All the President’s Men’ could bring to the table as a columnist, Lupica turned his attention away from Goldman and back to his former ‘Sports Reporters’ colleague, the orange man himself.

“And Tony Kornheiser is such a good writer, as my kids would say, it’s stupid and he ought to be writing somewhere,” Lupica exclaimed.

“I agree with you,” said the hopeful sounding Simmons.”

It’s scary to think there’s an entire generation that knows Kornheiser more for “Penguin Dance” instead of his excellent columns for The Washington Post.

Make this happen, Simmons.

[H/T Word On The Street]