Will Dan Abrams Hire Brian Unger?

By Brian 

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Last month, TVNewser asked if Brian Unger was on the verge of a deal with MSNBC. The former Daily Show correspondent and current NPR “Day to Day” humorist got another tryout last week, filling in for Keith Olbermann for five days on Countdown.

He’s popular among the staff, and I hear new GM Dan Abrams likes him, too. Twice last week on his show, Don Imus talked about how much he liked Unger and said “the first thing Dan Abrams should do is hire this guy.” Will he?

> Also: An e-mailer asks:”Could any other network get away with putting a non-news guy on primetime? Even if he is only a sub? Maybe this is what Abrams means by exciting, vibrant and irreverent…”

> Athens News, June 12: “Unger said he’s happy with his work with NPR, but also hopes to move more into serious journalism…”