Wilbanks, Regan, Couric, And Corvo…

By Brian 

This “Runaway Bride” deal is getting more and more confusing.

When “New York superagent Judith Regan” bought the rights to Jennifer Wilbanks‘ story, a deal memo “specified that an interview would be part of the agreement,” the Washington Post reports.

But NBC has not paid for the interview, NBC News spokeswoman Allison Gollust said: “This was a ‘get’ by Katie. It takes a lot of work. You talk to a lot of people. We put our best people out there.”

Meanwhile, an insider tells Page Six that the Wilbanks seem to think the money is coming from NBC: “The Wilbanks family called up ABC and said, ‘Katie Couric is offering us $500,000; what can Diane [Sawyer] do?”

“Why Regan, president of ReganMedia and publisher of Regan Books, a
HarperCollins division, was involved in negotiations over the
interview remains unclear,” Howard Kurtz says, but notes that “she has had a long working relationship with ‘Dateline’ Executive Producer David Corvo, who will produce the Couric special.”

> Also: Quoting the ReganMedia press release: “My vision for the future of ReganMedia is to continue to acquire all media rights to many high-profile personalities and to reach the broadest possible audience with their compelling stories,” Judith Regan says.