Why’d Bartiromo Keep Her Conversation With Bernanke To Herself?

By Brian 

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Reuters has a follow-up to yesterday’s report about Maria Bartiromo‘s effect on the markets. A CNBC staffer sent this message to TVNewser tonight:

“Regarding Maria Bartiromo, a few things should be noted and they have been by insiders who have not stopped talking about this:

1) It is not her job to move markets.

2) If she had this chat with Bernanke on Saturday night why did she wait until her own show went on the air Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. to reveal this information? If she was a team player that information would have been made available to the entire network Monday morning.

3) There’s a real good chance that Saturday was the first and last time Bernanke will talk to Maria and insiders worry that she may have permanently damaged relations between the new Fed Chair and the Network. Pros know most everthing said at these affairs are on background and not for air. Maria remains in over her head and has been for years.”