Why Was Diane In NYC This Morning?

By Brian 

What was Diane Sawyer doing in New York City this morning? On Thursday, the network said she would be in Hollywood for Good Morning America’s post-Oscar show.

On GMA this morning, Robin Roberts said Sawyer “had to rush back to New York to beat the storm.”

But yesterday, a NY tipster said she headed back east because she was “so fed up with how understaffed GMA is out in LA.” The tipster correctly said that Sam Champion was coming home, too. The tipster also said “there have been screaming matches between anchors and both EP’s.”

ABC says that’s totally untrue. A spokesperson says Sawyer came back to NYC so she could edit her Bob Woodruff interview in time for Tuesday’s GMA. Editing the interview by remote from LA was hard, and she was worried about getting back to NYC in time to appear live in-studio with Woodruff…

> Update: 2pm: From an e-mailer: “If Diane always planned to come back to NYC — why did she say to Howard Kurtz (in a phone interview on Reliable Sources Sunday) what she was wearing to the show? Doesn’t sound like she was planning on returning early. She did the interview from her LA hotel room…”

> Update: 2:11pm: “How silly! Diane came back to finish the Woodruff story, and to shoot the open! How irresponsible of you,” another e-mailer says…