Why Sue Simmons Said What She Said

By Chris Ariens 

The Daily News chatted with Sue Simmons about her droppage of the F bomb during a live, prime time tease Monday night on WNBC.

First of all, Simmons thought it was taped (okay, we get it. After 30 years of doing 2 or 3 promos a night, you forget which are live and which are taped.) Second: Simmons says she was joking with co-anchor Chuck Scarborough when she said to him, “What the Fuck are you doing?” (emphasis not added, because she really emphasized the word). Simmons emailed Richard Huff that she “went numb” adding, “NBC has been very supportive.”

SoupCans has the clip from last night’s Conan where Brian Williams (yes, shocker, he was on Late Night last night) talked about l’affaire de Sue. Williams said he doesn’t “talk that way or have a potty mouth” and while he “occasionally…will use some salty language” he “can never say it won’t happen.”