Why Diane Sawyer Won’t Be Writing a Memoir

By Chris Ariens 

In TVWeek’s Insider Q&A with Diane Sawyer we learn the ABC News anchor is loving GMA, “loving it completely;” that she’d like to increase, “if I can, some of my specials in prime time;” and that she doesn’t keep a diary, so don’t look for a memoir.

The Insider: Speaking of looking back, it’s been a week in which Barbara Walters‘ memoir has made headlines screaming from every tabloid show and cover. Can you envision writing a memoir?

Ms. Sawyer: No.

The Insider: Can you envision having to promote a memoir?

Ms. Sawyer: Ummmm, no. But I don’t keep a diary. I don’t tend to assemble things. I also don’t have Barbara’s amazing history. I think she has written such a beautiful and courageous book, because she and I had a long lunch about her book and what she was doing, and I know that she did it in part because she thought, “Here all these years, people have let me into their real lives, but I can’t write a book that isn’t about my real life.”