Why Bret Baier Is ‘Striving for the 1’

By Chris Ariens 

Bret Baier says he “could look at a piece of pizza and gain weight.”

The Fox News anchor is among the millions of Americans who deal with the ups and downs of weight gains and loses. In early 2012 he was 45 pounds overweight, but by election day he was down to 195. In an essay for Mens’s Journal, Baier writes, “Right now I’m cruising—212 pounds and dropping. I’m striving for the 1 in front again by November.” He also writes about the gradual weight creep:

As a kid I played every sport — soccer, tennis, golf. I was skinny. That changed in college, where I learned the deadly combination of pizza and beer. After that, I worked as a bartender, and the late nights made things worse. My weight became a constant battle, and I’ve been on a roller coaster ever since.


My first broadcast job was in South Carolina, at Hilton Head. I was the Lowcountry bureau guy, covering big stories like loggerhead turtle nesting and what color the azaleas would be. It gave me time to exercise a lot, to run on the beach. But by the time I started the Fox News Atlanta bureau in 1998, I was busy, traveling a lot and going out for a massive meal every night. It added up. I met my wife on a blind date in 2002 at a porky stage, and the fact that she loved porky Bret tells me a lot about her.