Who’s In Charge At MSNBC?

By Brian 

E-mailer responses to the MSNBC “skeleton staff” post:

> “I can confirm that the MSNBC rumor. It looks like a ghost town around here. People are at their breaking point from overwork and there is no relief in sight for them. I’m amazed that they’ve been able to keep it together this long. No one seems to know what anyone else is doing or what’s going on around here. There is no one overseeing the big picture. we need HELP.”

> “Your other e-mailer is right on a couple points — but to say that our work is going to “get increasingly sloppy’ is unfair. Some people aren’t happy that they had to give up Labor Day weekend — but they shouldn’t be in news if they want weekends and holidays off. The staff isn’t by any means skeleton — and MOST people here are very upbeat. I hope you’ll share that end of the story.”

> “Your ‘aftermath’ at MSNBC misses the mark. Not only did Kaplan EP that telethon, which kept him out of the loop for all of last week, but then he was gone all weekend and today. The idea that this place has leadership is ludicrous. The primetime EP’s are doing a great job, but they are making it up as they go. there is NOBODY in charge … NOBODY!!!”